The Absiskey brand

Absiskey, the spirit of innovation

clé de voute‘Absiskey’ stands for ‘keystone’: from absis = arch or vault in Latin, and key.

Why was this brand created? First, to establish a bridge between tradition and modernity, between past and future. The brand thus capitalises on its first creation more than 25 years ago and on what we are now today. The keystone is also a universal, solid and reliable architectural symbol. It is the last stone laid, the point of union and balance, a culmination of the forces of push and pull.

In this way we consolidate our overall vision of the projects that we follw up, a vision consolidated by an expert.

One brand, several values

Absiskey’s DNA has thus a 3-fold backbone:

    • Balance: seek out the points of balance between the various funding systems available, balance R&D budgets… these are examples of the everyday challenges facing our teams.
    • Expertise: guide our clients through the complex procedures of public funding and, each day, provide a better service thanks to the people we meet and the challenges we face.
    • Customer satisfaction: provide a tailor-made service, adapt to our clients’ needs, meet their real requirements: this is the consultant’s mission. Satisfaction and long-term loyalty of our clients, based on a long-standing relationship of trust: this is our philosophy.

To express its values, the new absiskey logo takes the form of a trademark, more legible, more comprehensible, more direct and more powerful.

The keystone symbol is consolidated and crowns the ’a’ of absiskey. The keystone, founder of the trademark, thus sets the tone, and the ‘a’ becomes the brand reference.

The lower case letters give a feeling of agility, attentiveness and proximity.

The colour, a statutory blue, consolidates our position as a leading consultant.

It is completed by a bold red colour dedicated to the baseline, a bright contrasting red to reveal the light of innovation and the commitment of the teams.

bloc marque absiskey
This trademark, redesigned in 2014, is a mark of unification, of a single brand that combines skills, enhances synergies, and groups the expertise of the 3 brands that have progressively joined our offer: Vitamib, Viaregio and Absiskey. The new absiskey single brand is a constantly evolving and dynamic source, aimed at facilitating access to all public funding sources for research and innovation project promoters.