absiskey’s history

  • November 2015

    Absiskey is referenced by the Médiation inter-entreprise as consultancy in Research Tax Credit / innvation Credit Tax (CIR/CII)

  • January 2015

    Restructuring of the Project Netboard with a view to satisfying more demanding needs as part of Horizon 2020

  • October 2014

    New Absiskey brand strategy. The new Absiskey single brand is a constantly evolving and dynamic brand, aiming at simplifying access to all public funding sources for research and innovation project promoters.

  • December 2012

    Unification of the Absiskey training offer via a brand: Schola by Absiskey

  • November 2011

    Acquisition of Viaregio, Strasbourg, ‘Public policy strategy and funding’

  • July 2011

    Acquisition of Vitamib, Grenoble, ‘Research and innovation collaborative project’ expertise analysis

  • July 2010

    Creation of the Absiskey brand to take up position alongside the R&D project promoters and to confirm our international dimension. Turenne Capital joins our shareholders.

  • March 2006

    Buy-out of the Anjou company by François Chollet

  • March 2002

    Creation of Viaregio in Strasbourg, by former territorial officials and government departments responsible for European programs, with a sole ambition: help territorial stakeholders better take into account the stakes and opportunities of European public policies and adapt their projects to this new environment.

  • February 1999

    Creation of Vitamib, in response to the incentive by the European Commission to ensure access to the greatest number, of the innovation management methods and tools developed and validated in several European R&D “Success stories” implemented at the Joseph Fourier University and the CNRS, Grenoble.

  • January 1988

    Setting up of the company in Angers