3-Assess impacts

You are…a public or private stakeholder charged with implementing a project, a funding programme or a public policy.

You want to…  assess this policy, programme or project to determine its impact? Benefit from the resulting successes? Identify difficulties to find the most effective solution? Enhance your management and organisation for implementation? Adapt and optimise your management strategy?
Absiskey assists you by:

  • carrying out assessment studies, either cross-business or targeted on specific subjects or policies,
  • carrying out comparative studies at national or European level (benchmark),
  • carrying out work for collection and dissemination of good practices.

Absiskey is active both upstream from launching the policy, funding programme or your project (ex ante evaluation), during the process (in itinerere), and for renewal of the policy or system (ex post).

Absiskey is the guarantee of a tried and tested evaluation method, covering collection of quantitative and qualitative information and its processing via suitable tools (interviews, surveys, etc.), leading of exchange meetings, carrying out of analyses and assessments, formulation of recommendations, etc.