4-Formalise territorial projects

You are… a commune, a community of communes, an urban community, a government department, a general council, a regional council, a public institution or any other stakeholder.

You want to… conduct a diagnostic of your territory, a public policy or your structure? Work out a territorial project? Define a new sectoral action strategy or a new organisation? Conduct a territorial and theme-focused diagnostic ensuring the pertinence of the financial instrument that you manage? Identify priority actions to perform? Study the impact for your territory or structure of implementing a new policy?

Absiskey can help you by:

  • conducting targeted or multi-theme diagnostics (this diagnostic can be territorial, socio-economic, financial, relate to skills, human resources, organisation, structures, etc.) and SWOT analyses (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats),
  • carrying out impact studies for new policies or regulatory changes for your territory, project or structure,
  • preparing concerted, territorial or sectoral development strategies, elaborated if necessary as short, medium or long-term development scenarios,
  • formulating operational recommendations and defining priority action programmes, allowing for your financial, legal and organisational obligations,
  • implementing territorial projects and communication around these projects.

Absiskey is a combination of expertise, knowledge of the field and experience in collaborative and multi-partner approaches at the service of an optimised definition of territorial and sectoral development strategies for public authorities.