5-LEADER: support calls for projects

The new generation of LEADER projects was launched in 2014. To help you make the most of this opportunity, we propose customised support in structuring your partnership and defining your local development strategy, as well as in drafting your application file.

The LEADER European funds approach has been renewed and extended for the 2014-2020 programming period. It will be implemented in each regional rural development programme co-funded by the EAFRD (European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, management of which has been entrusted, for the first time, to the Regional Councils. LEADER approaches were supported for 16% of the regional EAFRD budget over the period 2007-2013, and there are plans to step up this support for 2014-2020. What’s more, the project co-funding rate could reach 80% (as opposed to a maximum of 55% at present).

LEADER is a genuine opportunity for local development, thanks to the funding that can be mobilized for your territorial project, as well as to a method for mobilizing all your local stakeholders.

The LEADER approach is based on:

  • a coherent sub-regional territory,
  • a partnership between local public and private stakeholders making up the local action group (LAG) responsible for preparing and managing the strategy,
  • an integrated and multisectoral local strategy.

Local partnerships wishing to apply a LEADER approach shall be selected further to a procedure based on a call for projects, organised in each region. The application file must contain the following information: :

  • definition and diagnostic of the territory and analysis of its strengths and weaknesses, on which the proposed strategy is based,
  • the strategy backed by the LAG, which must prove its contribution to the goals of the rural development programme,
  • an individual action plan defining the strategy in operational manner and its funding scheme,
  • a description of the LAG decision-making system and involvement of partners.

To ensure that implementation of the LEADER approach best serves local development, one of the challenges facing the territories is to define it effectively with the other strategies and systems (future PETR territorial projects, rural excellence clusters, etc.) so as to optimise cross-financing of projects.


Step by step support to help to structure your local development approach and draft your LEADER application.

To help you better prepare your LEADER application for 2014-2020, we assist you in each of the steps required to structure your LEADER approach: from diagnostic through to formalisation of your application file, according to your needs.

The first LEADER calls for projects went out in June 2014. Clear anticipation and careful organisation of the approach will ensure you acquire the resources that make success possible.

A rigorous and modular method at the service of your LEADER application.