2-Study and obtain public grants

You are… a public authority, a company, an association or any other body initiating or carrying out a project.

You want to…benefit from decision-making aid for your investment, equipment, services, partnership projects? Receive help in developing them? Look for and obtain public funding to implement them?

Absiskey helps you ensure the success of your projects whatever their stage of development, thanks to its expertise covering all stages in project life, from the original idea through to its concrete implementation:

  • carrying out upstream project advisability and feasibility studies (project justification with respect to a socio-economic context; financial, legal feasibility, etc.),
  • help with defining project content, goals and organisation (project engineering, coordination and leading the partnership around the project, etc.),
  • monitoring and searching for external funding opportunities for your national or European project,
  • conducting project eligibility studies and formulating operational recommendations,
  • help with preparing grant applications (preparing application files, drafting, elaboration of budgets, definition of tracking indicators, etc.),
  • follow-up of project progression (preparing implementation reports, communication, etc.).

Absiskey places at your disposal an experienced and multi-disciplinary team, which has already allowed a large number of public and private stakeholders to obtain state grants, of all amounts, for their projects.

Thanks to its thorough knowledge of public funder intervention logic and its network of public partners throughout France, Absiskey provides all project promoters, and particularly companies, with fully customised solutions for enhancing their performance and optimising their interface with public funding bodies.