1-Support funding programme management authorities

You are… a regional council, a general council, a PLIE (local plan for integration and employment) or any other stakeholder involved in management of a European funding programme or contractualised as a management authority, intermediary body or even an initiator of a jointly funded project.

You want to… increase implementation efficiency of the European funds assigned to you to benefit the stakeholders in your territory? Ensure enhanced risk control and secure the management of a block grant or programme? Outsource your European funds monitoring obligations? Improve or formalise your procedures? Identify and also discover good practices?

Absiskey offers you its varied range of services for assistance with management of contractualised programmes (CPER (state-region projects contract), etc.) or European funds:

  • help with leading a programme (organisation of information meetings, help with preparing applications, etc.) and communication (creating tools, drafting communication contents – project datasheets, newsletters, etc.),
  • help with defining and implementing the organisational structure to manage a programme or a block grant (conducting organisational diagnostics, consultation with the departments involved, proposals for organisational scenarios and operational recommendations);
  • preparation and drafting of management tools and procedures that are both customised and readily disseminated (drafting practical guides, preparation of technical datasheets to be used by the relevant departments for preparing and reviewing applications (co-funding requests), etc.;
  • help with managing a programme or system (drafting annual implementation reports, help with programme closure, etc.),
  • reviewing and auditing real expenditure of the co-funded files (ERDF, ESF, EAFRD),
  • carrying out management quality controls,
  • setting up and leading question and answer services of the Hotline type to provide rapid and operational assistance to programme and system management authorities.

Absiskey assists more than 30 management authorities and intermediary bodies in management and implementation of 2014/2020 European programmes.