Modules and functions

Project netboard construction: the project construction module

The “project construction” module is dedicated to construction of the collaborative project and printing of project proposals. It incorporates the participation rules of a large number of financing organisations. Users can declare project information (workplan, budget, consortium, etc) and print at any time the project charts, figures and graphic representations to be included in the proposal.

Once he has signed on, the user finds all his/her project data on the  homepage.




Project netboard management: the collaborative project reporting and management module

The “project management” module is dedicated to management and reporting of collaborative projects (FP7, H2020, BPI France PSPC, FUI, PIA etc.). Its simple and intuitive interface lets users declare their activities (progress by task, work packages, deliverables, milestones, meetings, etc.) and their financial information (expenses, efforts, payments, etc.). Project netboard automatically generates periodic reports and is used to create project views and analysis charts with respect to contractual data, to follow up deviations with respect to the plan, to generate targeted reporting alerts, etc.


Project netboard website: a simple and open-ended website for your collaborative projects

The Project netboard website is a Project netboard module designed for simple creation of a website associated with the project public data declared by users. Project netboard creates and hosts the website automatically by proposing a simple, current presentation of the project: project summary and goals, list of partners, events, news, files and contact form. More specific pages may be added on request. The site design can be entrusted to the Project netboard team or to the user.

The website with the “One page” design lets you present the key data of your project in 7 sections.