Tool for managing collaborative projects

Project netboard by absiskey

Tool for managing collaborative research and innovation projects.

Project netboard is a web platform and a tool for setting up and managing collaborative research and innovation projects financed by public funds.

Project netboard brings rigour and method to your project management. However, it is not a coercive system for your partners. Its versatility allows it to adapt to your standard of requirements.

Project netboard lets you enter project information (workplan, partners, budget, etc.) and monitor the activities carried out and the expenses incurred during the project. It incorporates the financing rules specific to financing organisations (H2020, FUI, AMI ADEME, BPIFrance PSPC, etc) and satisfies financers’ reporting requirements by facilitating printing of the report in the format dictated by the financer.

Project netboard simplifies management of such projects by offering an overview of all information relating to budget activities and use.


Project netboard has been upgraded since 1999 and FP4 to become the reference for collaborative project setting up and management tools in Europe. Project netboard does not replace the Participant Portal of the Horizon 2020 programme, but rather advantageously completes it with respect to all consortium and project management aspects.

Project netboard proposes a website module to present the project, its consortium, as well as the results and major events.